LAC-17 - LAUREL LAC-17 Series will bring the innovation based on over 50 years of our experience in coin processin

LAUREL LAC-17 Series will bring the innovation based on over 50 years of our experience in coin processing.

  • Japan Quality
  • Easy Operation
  • High Productivity and Cost-performancei
  • User-friendly Design
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Intelligent Detection (Only for LAC-17ID)
  • Highly Selected Components for High Durability
  • Environmental Harmony
  • After-Sales Service
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SiCUREZZA - Biennial International Exhibition of Security & Fire Prevention 

Biennial International Exhibition of Security & Fire Prevention.

LBM-ITALIA will be present at SICUREZZA 2014 in Milan Rho from 12 through 14 November.
You will come and see some important news on the processing of bank notes and coins.

Come and visit us at the pavilion 3 stand S20

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NGZ C31 - The new system for smart coin handling

The new system for smart coin handling

Finally a new solution for intelligent coin handling has arrived.
No carrying of heavy weights, no compromising anymore:
The new NGZ C31 system covers all aspects of coin handling from coin sorting, packaging and storage.
NGZ C31: smart, quick and affordable

The three basic elements of the system:
  • Containers have a gate on the front to empty coins directly into a coin lift.
  • Full containers can be moved by using a special trolley.
    Containers are locked to the trolley whilst in transport.
  • Thanks to the small footprint , containers can be placed directly under or close to the coin sorter. This eliminates the need of using motor driven conveyors.
  • NGZ C31 container stations are designed for multiple use.
  • At a coin sorter, coins can be fed directly into the NGZ C31 containers. The NGZ C31 Park Station holds up to 8 NGZ C31 containers and fits under or beneath most coins sorters which are in use in cash centers.
  • The Docking Station is used with the NGZ 208 coin lift. It holds up to two NGZ C31 containers which can be emptied alternately into the coin lift.
  • Full NGZ C31 containers are transported with the special NGZ C31 trolley.
  • Ideal ergonomics; no need for operators to bend down, no lifting of heavy coins.
  • Containers are securely latched to the trolley during transportation.


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The first convention on the future of security of cash-in-transit and security companies born thank to an original idea by the magazine Essecome with the collaboration on LBM-Italia and Assovalori took place in the congress centre of Fontanafredda, Mirafione estate at Serralunga d’Alba (CN) – Italy.
The speeches which came in succession were notable: from Vincenzo Acunzo of the Administrative Police of the Ministry of Interiors to Panayiotis Laimos, vice president of G4S Telematix, worldwide leader of security companies, to Antonello Villa, Vice-President of Coess, the European association of security companies, till Antonio Staino, president of Assovalori and Luca Pizzigoni, Vice President Assiv.

Soeda Shinji, International Operations Manager of Laurel Bank Machines Co. Ltd and Giuseppe Ferrara, Managing Director of LBM-Italia SpA spoke about counting according to Laurel’s experience all over the world and they underlined the importance of partnership in the evolution of business.
The support provided by a technologic partner to find out more evolved working methods is one of the requirements to optimize cash handling and LBM-Italia puts itself forward as a reliable partner for all the Italian operators.

Giuseppe Menegazzi and Maurizio Callegari chaired with effectiveness the round tables, they are very cultured men
with a great experience in the security world. They underlined several times the importance of change which is compulsory to ride over the crisis, they also referred to very different examples, as also Oscar Farinetti pointed out.
The founder of Eataly and of the estate Fontanafredda kindly attended our convention and he spoke about the need to change, Farinetti gave us two optimistic messages: on one side that every crisis creates growth opportunities for those who are able to find out the “breach”, i.e. the winning innovation; on the other side that safety is more and more important for the modern society, therefore the entrepreneurs working in this field have several possibilities to find new business opportunities.

LBM-Italia thanks all the participants, the organizers, the sponsors ANIE Sicurezza, Fiera di Milano/Sicurezza 2014 and Reti-Quick Top, the main partner Assovalori, who togeher with LBM-Italia supported the initiative, the partners ASSIV, Tsec, AMA, CMS Group, AON Benfield, Repetti, casamiasicura.it, the technical partner B. V.  Sicurezza srl and Raffaello Juvara, Director of the magazine on security Essecome and of Securindex who organized the event and was the moderator of the debates.


In the picture: top and bottom, two images of the workshop. In the center: Soeda Shinji, Oscar Farinetti, Soeda Shinji and Michelange Gionti (LBM-France), Giuseppe Ferrara.
Complete reports and video-interviews on Essecome and in the website www.securindex.com.



The first convention reserved to the protagonists of the private security and cash-in-transit companies, born thanks to an original idea by LBM-Italia and organized by the magazine Essecome with the collaboration of LBM-Italia and Assovalori, will take place on November 22nd for a common consideration on the structural changes which involve the whole category.

The substantial changes in laws the economic crisis, the demand evolution and the globalization of the market are all tremendous factors causing transformations, even faced individually. All together they can be the destabilizing cause or the fundamental factor stimulating change. If nothing is going to be as before it is fundamental to establish all together what are the expectations of the big Customers – starting from the State, promulgating laws, and, at the same time, the first user of the complementary security services

Some representatives of the Governement and of the Institutions supervising this industry together with many leaders of the public and private companies and associations will attend the convention. The convention upon invitation will take place at the splendid Tenuta di Fontanafredda, once Vittorio Emanuele II's dwelling and today institutional headquarter of Eataly. During the convention a speech of Oscar Farinetti on the theme "The courage to change" is expected .

Further information on the agenda and speakers on www.securindex.com or you writing to marketing@securindex.com or info@lbm-italia.com
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  • LBM-Italia Spa: Laurel now is also in Italy.
  • The magazine Essecome interviews Giuseppe Ferrara.
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  • LBM-Italia: Laurel's total quality now is Italian.
  • Interview of Giuseppe Ferrara, MD of LBM-Italia on the periodic magazine S News.
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