LBM-Italia is a new company with a patrimony of more than thirty years of experience in the cashhandling business. LBM-Italia has immediately started modernizing the market through innovative concepts and new dynamism, which are essentials in an historical period really complex and full of uncertainties.
LBM-Italia besides being the official distributor of LAUREL, acknowledged world leader in currency processing machines, proposes a full range of high quality side products.
LBM-Italia operates on the whole national territory with an highly specialized and competent support and maintenance network.


LBM-Italia was born in the middle of an economic, social, cultural and political crisis. A crisis is a dramatic event, but, at the same time, it is also an extraordinary opportunity to get reorganized and to start again with new vision and motivations. This is what happened.

LBM-Italia introduces a systemic vision which considers the cash logistics asa complex network of interdependencies, a single equipment composed by many subparts which, presently, are not often coordinated and synergic.

The systemic vision supporting our approach, even if we are a new born company –but we have at least thirty years of direct experience in this field* - makes us careful and willing partners to share problems and find solutions with.

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We aren't and we don't want to be simple providers. The complexity of handling cash combined with the requested increase of efficiency boost us to provide the most efficient solutions to minimize the inefficiencies, minimize the costs, avoid possible mistakes and finally to optimize the full process.

Therefore, our commitment is above all, to understand our Customers' needs and problems and to focus all our competences to built the best solution.

* LBM-France contributed, and more than a little, to our birth. It is one of the first companies working in this field in many countries in Middle East and North Africa. LBM-Italia is the official distributor of the international leader Laurel Bank Machines, Japan.

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